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Bluecat Convoy & Tailgating

Bluecat Fans, There will be a convoy following the Bluecats.  The convoy will leave with the Bluecats after the pep rally Friday.  The convoy will follow the Bluecat bus to Bronte.  The team will stop and eat in Bronte.  The convoy will continue on to Midland to tailgate and wait for the Bluecats to arrive.

What Bluecats have is very special by Hannah Rose

Skip McCambridge is the superintendent in Coleman. He and his family recently moved here from Azle and this is his first time being a superintendent. He is married to Stefanie McCambridge and they have four kids: Sage, who is nine, Shauna, who is twelve, Sadie, who is fourteen,and Audrey, who is twenty-one. His favorite part

Bluecat Paw Painting Sunday, October 2nd, Hufford Field

Varsity football players, coaches, cheerleaders, and trainers are invited to come out to the 1st Annual Paw Painting at Hufford Field, Sunday, October 2nd, at 2pm. Former Coleman Alum, Lisa Anderson Birdwell, lives in Monahans and her son, David, is a varsity football player.  She posted photos of their “Paw Painting” on Facebook.  The Coleman

Bluecats are involved! by Abigail Allen

“Hello Digna!” “Can I ask you some questions today?” “Totally!” “Awesome!” “I hear that you do high school yearbook, how’s it going? It’s going great!” “I love it!” “It is so cool.” “What are you guys working on right now?” “We are working on cross country, dress-up days, and great moments at school.” “How long

Go Bluecats! by Abigail Allen

“Hello Mrs. Taylor!” “Can I ask you a couple of questions today?” “Go ahead!” “Where did you grow up?” “I grew up right here in Coleman Texas.” “How many years have you been teaching?” “This is my 21st year teaching!” “Wow, that’s awesome!!” “What do you teach?” “I currently teach fourth grade math but I

Effort Never Dies! By Abigail Allen

“Hello Coach Elder!” “Can I ask you a couple of questions?” “Sure.” “What sports did you play in high school?” “I played, cross country, basketball, track, tennis and golf.” “How many years have you been a coach at Coleman High School?” “This is starting six years.” “How years have you coached total?” “This is starting

Talking to school fans by Hannah Rose

I interviewed Ryan Hohmann, a junior at Coleman High School, on Friday. He plays basketball and baseball, which is his favorite sport, and does shooting. He plans on attending ASU. I also talked to two fans, Kiera and Cheyenne. Kiera is a Jr. Peewee cheerleader and Cheyenne is a Peewee cheerleader. They both attend the