Multiple Teams · Calling all Bluecat Fans! Coach Elder Needs YOU!

Calling all Bluecat Fans!

Coach Elder needs all the rowdy Bluecat fans to show up tonight at 6:35 with signs, noise makers, pom-poms, flags, etc.  His boys have come up with a “routine” to call the linemen to the field and they need your help. The fans will form a victory line for the linemen to run through as the skill players “Hog Call-Sueeeey!” them to the field.  Coach Elder has named the linemen, “Edington’s Phat Boys”.  The linemen have a “Hog Pin” show they want to put on for the crowd.  Elder reports, “It’s all about intimidation and domination.”    Ya’ll come on out early, help call out the “Phat Boys”, eat a great meal from the band concessions, and watch some Bluecat football!