Bluecats News · JV Bluecats tore up the Hawley Bearcats 36-12

The Blulecat JV brought their “A Game” to Hufford Field last night.  They putting a hurting on the Hawley Bearcats. The Bluecats scored within the first few minutes of the game and continued pounding the Bearcats.  The Bluecat offense was unbelievable with their amazing abilities to push the ball down field.  They were unstoppable despite a mighty effort from the Hawley defense.  The Bluecat defense also had an impressive night. Hawley remained scoreless until the second half.  According to Bluecat fan, Brandon Brown, “The Bluecat linebackers and the line had a great night. When Massio stuffed the ball, it was awesome!”  Another fan commented, “Coleman has a lot of talent on that field.  Looks like Coleman is set to go deep in playoffs for the next few years!”  Yes, they are!  Great job, Bluecats!  Way to win the day!

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